The Perfect Three: Diet, Exercise and Yoga

There are three important principles you must follow in order to get in the best shape possible and live a long and happy life.  The first thing that you must take control of is your diet.  Weight loss and health is a simple process. Eat healthily, and exercise regularly in order to lose weight and have a fit and trim body.  But it is much easier said than done. Temptations are everywhere as are cravings and trying to diet in a world with so much delicious treats to offer can be devastatingly difficult for most people.

For this reason, we do not ask you to give up all your favorite foods. We won’t even tell you to exercise each and every day because we know you must have time constraints. But we do recommend going on a regular total body detox which you can do by eating less in a 3 week skinny fiber diet plan for maximized weight loss.  In these 3 weeks, you will eat only natural and non-processed foods and take skinny fiber pills. The majority of your diet will be comprised of fruits and vegetables. You’ll try to only eat organic meats and foods as well though it isn’t necessary.  You will eat plenty of low fat dairy products and have a diet that is high in protein.  Your diet will only consist of eating healthy fats from sources like nuts, avocados, fatty fish like salmon or from olives and olive oils.

In these three weeks, you will be amazed at how healthy you’ll feel and how much weight you will lose. You’ll slowly ease into a regular diet afterwards.  The second part of the cleanse will consist of practicing regular exercise.  There are various exercise and workout videos you can do to help you lose weight without having to spend extra money to go to the gym. We recommend working out for 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.  This will help you burn a lot of calories and also increase your weight loss. You will also build muscle which in turn will make you look leaner and also contribute to boosting your metabolism and overall daily calorie burn.

he last part of the three part cleanse is to start deep breathing and do yoga. So many men think that yoga is a “girl thing” and avoid it at all costs. They are losing out on an extremely effective way to strengthen the body and improve flexibility.  Yoga also helps people to relax and highly reduces stress. When you are stressed out all the time, your cortisol levels raise and are off the charts which can actually contribute TO weight gain.  To avoid gaining weight, you need to have a balanced lifestyle of both exercise training, healthy diet and yoga and stretching practices.


Woman doing yoga, canon 1Ds mark III

The Yoga is a Sanskrit word, very old Indian language. Yoga is especially for body, spirit and uniting the prepares your body for concentration by stretching and building stamina. This physical practice is also known as asana.


Yoga is not a belief in divinity; it is a an of living whose goal is healthy body and healthy mind. Man is a mental, physical and religious being; yoga helps to balanced in all these 3 development. Physical form of exercise includes- aerobics.

Some Importance of YOGA:

1) It helps in self-healing

2) It helps to remove negative thoughts from your mind and posion from your body

3) It Added Self awareness

4) It helps to think about closely, especially to your kid

5) It helps to improve your own power

6) It helps to destroy tension, stress from your physical body.

7) It provides you all-round fitness-You cannot feel healthy if you are not physically and mentally balanced. Postures, breathing techniques and concentration are some whole fitness techniques.8) Weight loss- Kapal bhati yoga is very helpful to people who wants to lose their weight. With the continuous practice of yoga, we likely become impressionable to kind of meal our body asks for and when It also helps to hold a check on your weight.

9) Stress relief- A few minutes of yoga in whole day is very useful to get free from stress from both mind and body.

10) Inner peace- We all love to live our life peacefully and with rich in our natural beauty. We can see that peace can be found correct within us and we can go to small mini vacations to experience this anytime. Yoga is best ways to stay cool in a disturbed mind.

11) It helps to Improve immunity- Yoga helps to massage your organ and muscles; release stress and breathing techniques and improve immunity.

12) Better relationships- It helps you to make your relationship better with your friends, family or your loved ones. A mind that is happy and stress less is correct to deal with relationships matters. Yoga helps to keep your mind happy.

13) Better flexibility and posture- You can include yoga in your daily routine life and benefit to body that is strong and flexible. It helps to improve your posture when you sit, walk or sleep.

14) Increased energy- A few minutes of yoga helps you to feel fresh and energetic even after a very long and large day. A few minutes of meditation can help you to live refresh and charged again in your turbulent scheduled. Hope so some of this importance of yoga can help you your daily routine life.

How to start yoga


Want to have a healthy lifestyle? Then you should consider start doing yoga. It provides you with both instant gratification and a lasting transformation. Yoga changes both your mind physical capacity and prepares your body for long term health.

The first step in starting yoga is deciding that you want to start doing yoga. Once you’ve set your mind that you want to start doing yoga then the rest will fall in with less or no difficulties. Here are a few pointers you will need to get you started.

Pick a yoga type.

You will need to research on the yoga classes that are available. There are many yoga classes out there; you should pick the one that suits your personality and current physical fitness. The best for beginners, haltha or vinyasa would be the most appropriate. They involve basic styles.

Pick a class

Do a research on the available yoga class in your area. You can either go online or check local newspapers or wellness magazines. Pick a studio that is close to your home or to your work place o that getting to class will be easy. Many gyms offer yoga classes; you can always start by checking in your local gym.

What should you bring?

On your 1st day you don’t need to bring much, just yourself and comfortable breathable attire. The most important thing in yoga is breathing, especially when holding postures. Make sure that your wear right. You don’t need to carry a mat on your first day. Most of the yoga studios have mats which you can rent or get them for free.

Learn what to expect.

Students place their mats facing the front of the room. Don’t place your mat too close to your neighbor, you and your neighbor will need space for certain poses. There is a lot of stretching and vigorous poses involves in yoga, if you need some rest take child poses. Remember you may be a little sore after your 1st class.

The key to yoga is having a good teacher, however if you cannot get a yoga class its best if you get a beginners video. Books can be helpful too but I highly recommend you use videos. They give you more visuals to follow than books. Remember finding a good teacher will help you stick to your route. If the first teacher you get you don’t click, keep on trying until you find the right one